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Factory official dealer Reflex Angelo in Russia

For the first time, the brand name Reflex was used in the production of Italian luxury furniture from Murano glass. All created products of our company have a unique geometric shape. The knowledge of high furniture traditions and styles several decades ago allowed us to develop the brand and make it world-famous.

Our company has established good business relations with outstanding architects of our time, which suggests that the products of the Reflex factory are not only competitive but also widely known. Among the most famous artists collaborating with the company: Sasha Lukich, Andre Putman, Pininfarina, Maurice Barilone, Leila Guerra and others.

Today Italian Reflex furniture has its own special style in which Japanese minimalism is felt. However, the main distinguishing feature of furniture is elegance and brevity. New models that appeared in the presented collections speak about the continuation of the cultural traditions of the company.

The main materials used in the manufacture of Reflex furniture are:

  • hard, valuable varieties of wood;
  • heavy-duty glass tempered by a special technology;
  • quality Italian leather and fabrics;
  • Murano glass and crystal;
  • natural marble;
  • high-quality metal alloys.

In addition, I want to note that all the raw materials that we use to create our furniture masterpieces have been certified, so we can confidently talk about its safety, environmental friendliness, and hypoallergenicity.

Today, Reflex is one of the first places in the ranking of leading furniture factories. It was we who at one time began to make furniture and interior items from Murano glass, gradually expanding our assortment and now we can help you fully equip the entire living space of your house.

Elite Italian furniture Reflex — contemporary unique elegance

Reflex modern furniture is perfect for home or apartment, as well as for public premises (libraries, billiards, hotel complexes, etc.) because the design decisions of the company are always constructive and technological.

An extensive range of Reflex will pick up decent furniture for absolutely any room — you will appreciate the excellent selection of colors, sizes, configurations, shapes, and materials. Our designers have developed for you, and the masters have implemented unique products for:

  • bedrooms;
  • children’s and guest rooms;
  • dining area and kitchen;
  • living room and living area;
  • classrooms and libraries;
  • hallways and conservatory;
  • bathroom.

In addition, among the entire range of products presented, you can pick up stylish designer accessories, mirrors and lighting fixtures for your home.

Employees of the company create models in a modern art deco style, a classic direction, which facilitates the choice for brand buyers. All projects are relevant and effective, which allows them to remain as attractive and interesting as possible over time.

A distinctive feature of the brand is consistently high quality and luxurious materials, the accuracy of every millimeter of the product, the obvious finish in a chic style, an interesting and fairly wide range of models that can satisfy the most demanding customers, but also surprise them in a good way. This contributes to the qualification needs of the factory staff, the sincere love of the craftsmen for their work and their many years of experience in their chosen field

If you want to individualize your interior, the factory specialists will easily fulfill all your wishes and requirements and help to recreate a unique design in your house. The result will be exactly the situation that you would like to see at home or in a hotel. Indeed, the furniture factory Reflex is an excellent quality inherent in the furniture brand, its durability, and charm, creating a cozy and at the same time luxurious atmosphere in any room, regardless of its purpose. That is why many people do not just buy furniture from Reflex, but also recommend it to their relatives and friends.

Buying Italian Reflex furniture in Moscow, you can be sure of its reliability, which is due to modern technologies, careful selection of the best materials and complete control of production. And, of course, one cannot fail to note the professionalism and experience of numerous plant employees who do their job well. That is why the factory can guarantee the durability and practicality of any product — even many years after the purchase you will not be disappointed with any of the advantages of our brand.