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Reflex sideboards

A sideboard is an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen, sometimes in the living room and, of course, in the dining room. It is no coincidence that the cupboards are made high or low, but always roomy, because on the shelves of this cabinet, in addition to dishes, cutlery, linen, and various kitchen utensils should be placed.
Of course, a traditional cupboard is made of solid wood, solid and massive, but at the same time, it looks elegant and stylish to everyone. But despite this, I would like to note the sideboards in a modern style, in the manufacture of which not only polished wood is used, but also glass, mirror plastic, chrome steel, and aluminum.

What is special about Reflex sideboards/buffets?

A Reflex sideboard or sideboard will help make your kitchen or dining room more comfortable, functional and roomy. This convenient cabinet for storing utensils is used every day, in addition, its open shelves can decorate not only exquisite dishes but also decor items — figurines, candlesticks, souvenirs, which create a special atmosphere of the room.

A wide selection of buffet models that you can find in our catalog will allow you to choose the best option for the dining area: whether it be classic furniture made of natural wood or a more modern solution. The design of the products offered is thought out to the smallest detail so that it is convenient for everyone to use such a functional piece of luxury furniture.

All proposed models have common features:

  • all of them are of high quality, reliable, strong and durable;
  • made of the best materials (wood, glass, metal, leather, textiles);
  • decorated with stylish elements: gilding, painting, carving, varnishing;
  • made in different styles, including classic, country, provance, modern, fusion, baroque;
  • the design of the sideboards is unique, but at the same time practical, developed by the best Italian artists and implemented by experienced craftsmen-furniture makers;
  • All products are certified and have many awards.

When buying Reflex buffets and sideboards in Moscow, in our online store, you can be sure of their aesthetic perfection, durability, practicality and functionality. Our elite designer furniture excites the imagination, and also allows you to complement the finished room, decorated in any interior.