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Furniture Collections Reflex

The famous Italian company Reflex Angelo specializes in the production of furniture models designed for private rooms, and some products are designed for office and public interiors — a wide selection will allow you to choose the best solution for you. Convenience and aesthetics of furniture, qualitative improvement of the human environment are the main goals and objectives of our brand. This approach makes Reflex Angelo popular in many countries in Europe and far beyond.

Reflex Angelo products appeared at the junction of modern technological processes and the delicate manual work of glass-makers. This made it possible to ensure the durability, reliability, and safety of furniture.

To create our products, we use exclusively safe and high-quality materials that have been certified and meet the most stringent safety and environmental standards. Masters of the company work with beautiful Italian fabrics, genuine leather with a good finish, durable metals, tempered Murano glass, solid wood and solid wood veneer and veneer, natural marble. A mandatory check of both raw materials and finished products ensures that furniture is at a high level.

Reflex Angelo designers prefer to create models in the most elegant and aesthetic style — in the classics. He does not lose his fashionable position for a long time, and therefore, even years later, your furniture will remain as spectacular and attractive as on the day of purchase. To emphasize the beauty of the models, they are decorated with chic designer finishes, such as painting, gilding, inlay, engraving, printing, hand carving, etc.

Furniture Reflex

The huge carefully thought out and developed a range of Reflex Angelo furniture will easily help you to arrange every corner of the house.
Tables from Reflex is a unique design project because it was from the creation of the original Murano glass tables that the company began its journey.

  1. Buffets can easily equip your kitchen or dining room so that all the necessary kitchen utensils, linen, and a festive service are at hand, but at the same time in a safe place.
  2. Want to recreate the atmosphere of relaxation, courage, and fun at home? Then do not forget to equip the corresponding zone in your apartment with the help of Reflex Bars.
  3. Office desks from our brand are functionality and a unique style combined together for your comfortable work.
  4. For connoisseurs of books, the most diverse library configurations will be an ideal option, which can easily be placed both in a separate room allocated for them and in a small corner in the office or living room.
  5. Want to refresh your design and add some original accents to your interior? Then Reflex accessories are what you need.
  6. Without well-chosen lighting, even the most sophisticated interior will look far from ideal. To fix this small nuance, choose designer lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers for your home.
  7. Armchairs — there is no better option for privacy and comfortable rest after a hard day’s work.
  8. Chairs are an ideal option for absolutely any room: living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, loggias — they are needed everywhere.
  9. A sofa is the main furniture in your living room so that you find what you need by our designers and develop this collection.
  10. Quality beds are the key to healthy sleep and good rest. Approach the choice of this furniture responsibly — stop at Reflex.
  11. Bedside tables and dressers will help to place all your things at the same time look stylish and chic.
  12. Coffee tables are now not just an “accessory”, a small accent in the living room, but an indispensable, mega functional furniture element.
  13. Cabinets from Reflex will help emphasize your status and taste, while correctly organizing your workplace.
  14. Glass consoles from our brand are stylish and practical furniture that will “delight” you as soon as you enter your apartment.
  15. Not a single room can do without mirrors, well, at least the apartment is so accurate, so it is very important to choose a quality product. And who can handle this better than a company that began its journey to success by working with glass?
  16. Reflex Italian dining tables will delight you with quality and great design.

If you decide to buy luxury furniture Reflex Angelo you can be sure that you made the right choice. After all, furniture manufactured in our factory will help create a wonderful atmosphere in your house or apartment — at the same time full of luxury and coziness.
She will delight you not only with high quality and obvious beauty but also with convenience and functionality.