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Lighting Reflex

Reflex is an Italian company from Treviso, founded more than twenty years ago, which has managed to make fiberglass its strong point. Thanks to the lessons learned from the family-owned glass factory, founded back in the 1940s, Reflex specializes in the production of furniture accessories, which are a synthesis of tradition and innovation. The company, indeed, is distinguished by the production of widely used products, such as, for example, tables, representing the unique design novelty of using Murano glass as a massive base.
One of the guiding principles of the company has always been the use of high-quality materials, such as:

  • heavy-duty glass tempered by a special technology;
  • natural marble;
  • a tree of valuable and durable species;
  • wrought iron;
  • the best Italian fabrics and leather, combined with the craftsmanship of using the most advanced processing technologies.

The main goal, which reinforced the company’s birth, was to expose glass to a new process, combining new colors and shapes and drawing inspiration from the famous traditions of Venetian craftsmanship, to create unique and inimitable products. The wide range of lighting products signed by Reflex is the result of a combination of tradition, design and innovation thanks to the collaboration of famous Italian and foreign architects such as Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Maurice Barilone, Andre Putman, Arnaldo Gamba, Massimo. Scolari, Leila Guerra, and Marco Piva.

What is the feature of Reflex lighting fixtures?

Reflex Lighting fixtures are a great way to decorate any space, as designer lighting solutions bring style and a pleasant atmosphere to any living space. Highlight the beauty of your home with our beautiful selection of lighting products.
The collection contains the work of the most respected not only in Italy but also worldwide designers and glaziers. Our collection of designer lighting products includes:

  • modern table lamps;
  • luxurious pendant chandeliers;
  • beautiful floor design floor lamps.

All our luxurious lighting is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes, which allows you to mix and match them with your existing interior design to create your dream home.

When buying Reflex lighting fixtures in Moscow, you are touching on unique innovative solutions that, thanks to our factory, have become available in everyday life. Style, luxury, elegance, modern trendy design along with practicality and comfort are the main distinguishing features of Reflex lighting.