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Sofas Reflex

A sofa is a very convenient piece of furniture that can easily become the main accent in any room of your house, from bedrooms and a living room to the hallway and corridor.
Sofas of the Italian furniture factory Reflex is famous for its elegant style, subtle, thoughtful, unusual design, and, of course, high quality. Of course, each living room should have its own “zest” and the sofa copes with this role best, because it is around this overall structure that the entire interior of the house is built, and accordingly the concept of its style and comfort.

What is the feature of Reflex designer sofas?

It is impossible to imagine a modern living room without a sofa because it is this place where you can relax after a hard day, chat with relatives and friends, or just watch TV. In addition, we should not forget that he, if necessary, can easily become a full-fledged sleeping place.

It is in order to comfortably equip your living room and create an island for relaxation in it, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our exclusive collection of sofas.

  1. The Palazzo Ducale model is made in the best Italian traditions: straight lines, the use of expensive, high-quality materials, and unsurpassed design. This representative of the Reflex family of upholstered furniture will be a bright accent in your home.
  2. Nuvola Chaise-Longue sofa is an amazing combination of comfort and elegance. A soft base, upholstery pleasant to the body — there is nothing better for rest and relaxation.
  3. Aura sofa and pouf — this is just the perfect option for a spacious living room in which it is customary to gather in a large family circle.
    4. To comfortably accommodate a large family, the modular sofa Adone sofa is perfect. Due to the fact that this model consists of many segments, you can easily change its location in your living room at any convenient time adapting it for future events.
    5. Segno sofa Lounge is an ergonomic and elegant, practical and stylish sofa in deep blue, which will become a bright accent of your living room.
    6. The small but functional Nuvola lounge is what you need for small living rooms, relaxation areas in the conservatory, guest rooms, and classrooms.
    7. Adone — an incredible convertible sofa that can easily accommodate more than 10 people at a time.
    8. Another mega functional and large sofa of this line is the Segno sofa. The model is perfectly placed in the huge living room of a cottage or foyer of a suburban complex.

Created by skilled hands of experienced craftsmen, using advanced technology, using innovative approaches — this furniture is always good regardless of time. Each model is a work of art, made with love and zeal by Reflex artists. A professional team — from designers to artisans — does everything so that when buying luxury Reflex sofas in Moscow you can enjoy the quality and comfortable furniture.