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Reflex Tables

An elegant and compact table for the living room or day area is not only a practical addition to the finished furniture set but also a very functional place to place a lamp, put a book or put a cup of aromatic coffee.

Italian Reflex tables – convenience, versatility, durability

In the modern world, it is difficult to even imagine that you can do without a coffee table. People are so accustomed to the functionality and ease of use of this furniture that sometimes they did not even think about how much comfort it brings, how practical it is and when it managed to become such an indispensable product. Indeed, few people know that there are several versions of the origin of this piece of furniture. According to French theory, a low table is considered the same age as the Art Deco era. According to another version, the subject has much more ancient Asian roots. But at this stage, Italy occupies a leading position in the production of stylish and practical tables.

In the catalog of luxury designer furniture Reflex, there are many models of decorative tables for the most diverse variations of the style of the interior. Also, they all differ from each other not only in design but also in the materials used:

  • heavy-duty tempered glass;
  • high-quality metal alloys;
  • valuable hardwood;
  • a natural stone.

Although there are many variations of raw materials, recently glass coffee tables have been very popular — they are great for any interior. Of course, this table is made of fragile material, requiring careful and delicate handling.

The most common in the interior of houses are coffee tables made of wood or metal. As you know, wooden furniture gives the room comfort, it is universal, durable and suitable for any interior. But if you want to refresh the design, breathe new life into it, or if you just like the loft-style, then metal coffee tables are exactly what you need.

The range of products offered is so diverse that you can choose a table suitable for the hallway, living room or bedroom, it can be an ideal addition to any headset, and also be a separate, complete unit.
Buying Reflex tables in Moscow, you get high-quality Italian furniture that will please you for many years not only with its incredible quality but with a stylish, elegant design.